About Us

Show Revivals is a revolutionary way to bring back your beloved shows. In the past, when shows were canceled, fans would sign a petition in the hopes of urging networks to renew it for another season. For one reason or another, petitions would fall on the deaf ears of network executives, seemingly dead on arrival, much to the dismay of fans. We at Show Revivals are here to change the status quo.

There is strength in numbers, and a petition is not without impact. We believe that with your support, we can facilitate a deal with the networks to revive your shows. Unlike mere petitions, our campaigns are supported by your contributions. These funds will be utilized to secure another season. Finally giving shows and their creators the opportunity to finish telling the story as they intended.

Shows are not merely entertainment, but a creative visual medium that stirs the imagination. They allow us to glimpse into another world not bound by our rules. Each of us has a show we treasure. Some were able to finish telling their stories, while others met an untimely demise. Together we have the ability to make a difference in the entertainment industry, to bring about a new season; a season of revivals.